The future of ElementBot, update 4.0

As you might've noticed if you're a member of our support discord server (that you should probably join) there are gonna be some big changes. This article will inform you about the most important changes that can affect the way you use ElementBot.

Don't feel like reading all of this? You can find a summary at the bottom. :D


We recently hit 1000 guilds and 200.000 users! It is an amazing goal but brings some issues to ElemenBot as that is an insane amount of guilds to serve using only 1 process as does our bot right now. The next update will implement a multi process system generally known as sharding. This will reduce the latency overall even though operations that require ElementBot  to find your guild or user might have a few more milliseconds of latency.

Keeping in mind your suggestion and the main purpose of the bot, we will keep developing the NSFW category in an active pace once the bot gets released. Including the addition of the PornHub command which took videos off the famous porn site and showed them without ads (premium feature), addition of redgifs support, and scheduled images (partly premium)!

If you think that we will be adding a lot of premium things do not worry, anyone who invites ElementBot to a server will be given a 5 day premium trial to enjoy the premium perks. Once that ends, you can either purchase ElementBot premium or if you own a guild with over 1,5k users you can contact us to try for a partnership that will grant you Element Premium forever!

We will be still working on making better the XP module adding more things related to image editing, as well as personal configurations and such with neither of these being strictly premium. The dashboard will also get some work as many features have not been yet implemented as the logs system, custom command adding site and much more which will be coming soon!

Removed Features

As we will be running a few ElementBots this will stress our server significantly more, this has led us to make some drastic actions like removing the mostly useless economy system to favor the XP system. We will also be removing the locking system which had also very few uses overall to favor other modules in general.

The premium billing system will also be changed and completely removed, instead of automatic payments, payments will be processed by myself in order to provide many other types of payments. More on this in another article.

Final ideas

The following update has been one of the hardest to release as well as the most ambitious project I've ever taken in my programming history. It all is thanks to you and the success that we've had! All these changes have been carefully thought through (in the shower) and is what I think it's the best for ElementBot. I am open for suggestions however, and always looking for feedback, so if you feel like taking your time to suggest or leave feedback please do in our discord server.



  • Multi process system (sharding)
  • Advancements in our NSFW system (redgifs support, scheduled images, pornhub command...)
  • Free 5 day trial of premium if you add ElementBot to a server.
  • Overall improvements on XP, moderation and music modules.
  • More functionality of dashboard.

Removed features:

  • Removing economy module.
  • Premium automatic billing system (read up)
  • Lock system.