Introducing: Element Profiles

To start this year, we released ElementBot version 4.0.2. This version includes many bug fixes, efficiency improvements and the biggest change: the introduction of ElementBot Profiles!

Have you ever been tired of not having a discord description or the capability to insert some social media into your discord profile? Well now you'll be able to do that with your favorite NSFW bot!

An ElementBot profile is a profile you can create into our website, at the moment you are able to insert your name, surname, a description (max 500 chars supporting markdown), your twitter, facebook, twitch, tiktok, linkedin, instagram and youtube. But you can always suggest social media additions or just put them on your description.

How to create your Element Profile

To create your profile first head to our dashboard and select the account page. You'll find that in the left sidebar.

Now you'll be taken to your account settings. Here you can toggle your notification settings as well as delete your profile, check our data policy and even request your data (Soon).

The second form is the interesting one though. Here you can change your profile and publish it. You'll first have to pick an Element Username, people will be able to check your profile using that name. You also have many other settings such as your social media and whether to show it and your description as well. You can use markdown for your description as you can see in this picture. Once you've added everything you wish to your profile you'll have to save it by clicking on the button below.

And as you can see, my profile is now updated.


As you might've noticed, there is a profile views counter. This counter is updated whenever someone that is LOGGED IN checks your profile, this is to avoid fake profile views.

There are also badges, these are usually given to Element Staff but if you're a partner or sponsor you'll also get one.

If you ever see a profile with inappropriate content you can click the "Report profile" button and we'll take a look. You can consider inappropriate content anything that is NSFW, including pornographic content as well as gore. We are planning on making NSFW profiles available so soon you might be able to use pornographic content though.

Please keep in mind that we are able to remove your profile and ban you from editing your profile if you make a bad use of it whenever.