Getting Started With ElementBot

Starting your own Discord server can be a long and stressful process, luckily there are Discord bots - applications that can save you a long time by helping you manage, moderate and customize your server, with them you can make your server perfect. So let's start learning how they work and how you can use ElementBot and it's web dashboard to modify your discord server.

Note: This is a basic only tutorial, that will be covering only the basics of using ElementBot

What are you going to learn in this tutorial:

1. How to use the Welcome Message module
2. How to set up community features such as XP module, 
3. How to set up and manage Bot Logs module
4. How to use AutoRole module

Sounds like we have a lot to do, so let's get started!

Remember how i said that there is a lot to do? Turns out there is actually a lot less than you would expect, but more on that later. Let's get the first steps done:

First, head to ElementBot Website and click the login button on top of your screen.
The website will now ask you to authorize ElementBot to access your Discord account.
Keep in mind that ElementBot cannot send messages from your account and your account is only used to verify that it is actually you to prevent any damage that could be done to your server by raiders. You can read more about our Terms of Service and data handling here
And this is the first part done, you are now logged into our web dashboard, yay!

Now, you have to select which server you want to edit, i will select our testing server. Select the server you want to edit by clicking the "Manage" button.
Note: If you are an owner of a server, please keep in mind that Element allows users with the administrator settings to alter the settings of ElementBot

After clicking on manage, you will be redirected to a manage screen which gives you info about how many users, channels, voice channels or bots you have, but you will most probably want to focus on the "Modules" folder.
After clicking on that, you will be presented by a lot of modules, you can toggle each one by using the toggle switch below the module name.
Now, let's get into the fun part - setting up the modules. Let's start with the first one on the list, the XP module. The only thing you need to turn this on is the module, the toggle switch should be blue, there is no "manage" option for this module yet, but we are looking forward to adding it in the following updates.

Now, to the next thing on our list, the BotLogs Module - if you are new to server making, you might ask what it does. BotLogs enable moderators (or anyone with the permissions to view a specific channel) to see deleted or edited messages, channel edits and much more.
Let's start by turning the module on, click the toggle option, it should change it's color to blue. Now, click the "Configure" button below the switch. The text is tricky to read, so you can just look at the screenshot below, that will help you to locate it.
You will be redirected to a page showing a lot of checkboxes, you can select as many boxes as you like, for example "message edit" will send a message any time a message was edited, it will include the message before and the message after it was edited. All of those checkboxes basically send an informative message any time something happens. Next to those checkboxes, there is a "select channel" field. This field has to be filled in, select any channel of your discord server from the dropdown box, this is the channel the bot will send the messages to. Now click update on both fields and botlogs are good to go!

Now let's get to the Welcome message module. Head back to the modules page and turn on "Welcome message", after that, click "configure". You can set any message you want for both Leaving members and Newcomers. Write what you want the bot to say in the text fields. Hit apply on all the fields you made changes to and you will be good to go.

Tip: If you want your bot to say the name of the user, use {user} in the text field. If you want to see the total amount of your members, use {totalmem}
Example: If set my message to Hey {user}, welcome to my server. We now have {totalmem}, the bot will return Hey Kub_Luk, welcome to my server. We now have 109 members.

Now to the last part of this tutorial, AutoRole. This module gives a specific role to any user who just joined.

Note: Keep in mind that ElementBot needs to have the manage roles permission and it's role has to be above the role you want it to give to new users. If you do not make sure this is set up correctly, the module will not work.

Turn the module on by using the toggle switch and click the configure button again, then simply select the role you want to give to the newly joining people and hit "apply"

This concludes the basic tutorial on how to use ElementBot, I hope this helped you setup your bot, I also want to thank you for choosing ElementBot as one of your bots.

If you want to ask us some questions, be sure to join our discord server or tweet us on twitter.