Guide to Discord bots

Picking a good discord bot isn't only about the amount of features, but support and security, picking a bot that respects your privacy and makes no exceptions in security can take a lot of time, but most people don't even care about any of this. So the question is: "Why should I care"? Well, let's take a look at what i mean.

There are hundreds of thousands of discord bots, some of them are private, some of them are public. Some of them are good and some of them are bad - but having a good bot doesn't only mean having a bot that can do it's job and has a lot of commands. A good bot should be optimized and most importantly secure.
Just think about what bots are doing in your server - moderating it, deleting messages, logging actions, changing channels, changing user roles and much more.

For a lot of people, their first bot is Dyno or MEE6, and there is nothing wrong with that, but you have to ask yourself: "Is this what i actually need?"

Well, let me take you on a tour of chosing discord bots. We will take a look at the best bots in terms of support, security but even different categories such as NSFW, fun commands, server related functions (such as stats, levels etc.) and much more.

So, let's start with the breakdown of the two most used ones.


Let's start with the pros:
Dyno is one of the all-in-one bots you can find on discord. It uncludes a lot of stuff that can be useful to a lot of people, such as a web dashboard, server advertising platform and tons of commands (full list here) including roles, moderation, fun commands, info system and much more.
If you have any issue with Dyno, you can always ask on their discord, people there are very active and usually respond within a minute.

Now to the cons:
There are some areas that would need improvements, for example stability. The free version of Dyno has a lot of downtime, this makes Dyno a bad choice for bigger discord servers. Now, i am not saying it is completely un-usable, but you should at least get a backup bot. We are moderating a server with ~9000 members and use dyno every day, sadly the downtime is a huge issue as it can be down for hours and if you are the victim of a raid, every second counts.
The second area that has some issues is security, some of you might know that few months ago the whole code of Dyno got leaked by a group of hackers/leakers, we are not sure if this includes their database, but it is very possible.


Let's take a look at the pros again:
Like Dyno, MEE6 is an all-in-one discord bot that includes almost all of the features above, tho we have to exclude the advertising platform. But we have to add a very good leveling system, music functionality and upload alerts. Those are roughly all the features the majority of us would use. There are also very well made tutorials on how to use the bot.

Let's find some cons:
Well, there are almost none, MEE6 is a great bot, the only thing I have to mention is the fact that there are some restrictions that are removable with their premium subscription, tho this subscription is more expensive than the one Dyno has, at least the 1 month and 6 month plans are.

What bot to choose?

Well, it depends on what kind of a server you are running. Let's take a look at some types that you can come across on discord:

  1. Community server
  2. Support server
  3. Gaming server
  4. Fan server (mostly servers of youtubers)
  5. Content server (memes, nsfw, videos etc.)

Note: Underlined text is a link that will reditect you to the bot's website

Community server

For community servers, one of the bots i would recommend is MEE6 for it's number of commands and features, but if you don't want to be a stereotype bot user, you can try ElementBot, as we do include a leveling system, welcome messages and much more. You might also want to add DankMemer for memes and images.
One more bot you might want is Rythm, a bot that can play music in voice channels.

Support server

Support servers are different from all others, as the name suggests they are meant to provide support for a product. If you are making a support server for your own bot, i would recommend using your own bot. If it is a support server for something else, one of the bots you might want is Ticket Tool as well as MEE6 for moderation or you can use ElementBot for both tickets and moderation.
If you want your server to look more professional, you can also consider a pre-made bot, tho you will have to buy the code and host the bot yourself. The best pre-made bot that I know of (by number of purchases and reviews) is Zeltux For a small amount of $7.50, it can be yours. It can also be easily hosted on a Raspberry Pi or any VPS host.

Gaming server

The same set of bots can be used for a gaming server, MEE6 and Rythm, as this is all the functionality a gaming server would need.

Fan server

Fan server should have roughly the same setup as a community server, meaning MEE6 would be the best starters choice, you might also want to add DankMemer and some gaming bots such as CoinMaster.

Content server

Content servers are servers for fun that include a lot of bots that can send memes, NSFW, edited images etc. For such a server i would recommend 2 basic bots, and that is:

This concludes this bot guide, I hope it helped some of you in choosing your bot.

If you have any questions, mention us in our discord or twitter.

Happy chatting!